The Park is open in March every day from 09:30 to 16:00.
The Park is scheduled to close at 18:00 to allow customers to finish the trail.

Tickets can be purchased directly in the Park bigleitteria at the price of:

Full € 11.00

Junior € 8.50 (from 90cm up to 130cm tall)

Senior € 9.50 (from 70 years old)

Persons with disabilities € 4,50 (Companion pays full price)

in the process of being defined, we have different kinds of promotions that we will publish shortly

You can subscribe at this link: www.parcogallorose.it/en/subscriptions/

Unlimited adult admission €50.00

Unlimited admission child 3-7 years old € 25.00


Our TALKs are meetings on the 3 km trail, absolutely free of charge, where our zookeepers will explain 7 topics that will alternate during the scheduled days.

Talk info page: www.parcogallorose.it/en/preservation/talk/


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