You can choose where to eat according to your family’s needs.

In our Agriristoro, where reservations are required, you can enjoy all our specialties in absolute relaxation, served by our staff, also throughout the year you can participate in our theme nights at a fixed price.

If you want to enjoy our products, but with less time and in the tables dedicated to the picnic area you can choose to have lunch at our Self Service.

Every day, coffee and snacks can be found in our Bar and Merenderia while you can enjoy free use of the entire picnic area for a picnic lunch, set up with tables and chairs completely in the shade.

In any solution your children can play in the natural playground adjacent to the dining areas.

The Cuisine

You can enjoy lasagna with wild boar ragout, first courses with porcini mushrooms, ricotta and vegetable tortelli with Cinta Senese ragout, grilled Pisan cow and Cinta Senese meats, or the local wild boar with black olives.
Desserts, too, are homemade and with healthy ingredients, first and foremost our Margherita’s great passion for pastries. For quick meals you can use the bar that offers sandwiches with the farm’s cured meats or the self-service with a different menu but the same management.

We defend biodiversity

For many reasons:

  • because local varieties and breeds have adapted to their territory, becoming stronger and more resilient and requiring less outside
  • intervention (pesticides, fertilizers, veterinary care…)
  • because uniform or biodiversity-poor systems are more fragile, almost helpless in the face of unforeseen events
  • because in nature monocultures do not exist, and it is nature itself that shows us the best way to feed the planet
  • because biodiversity is also an invaluable reservoir of healing principles

And then, too, because biodiversity guarantees the well-being of farming communities, free to choose what to produce and able to derive a decent income from their harvests because by growing and eating biodiversity we learn to fight waste, respect the seasons, manage the limit, safeguard traditional knowledge, and make it dialogue with official science: starting with biodiversity we can think about a different model of development, one that is truly sustainable.

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