The VOLOHASY – BAMBÙ project is a reforestation project with bamboo and other endemic species of the dragon tree rainforest for the protection, of flora and fauna, of the New Maromizaha Protected Area, Madagascar; promoted and coordinated by the University of Turin, Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology (DBIOS).
The project was created with the intention of combating the significant loss of forest ecosystems, due to “slash and burn” (tavy) farming practices and illegal logging
illegal logging for charcoal/construction material production.

The main intent is to combine extensive reforestation of degraded areas within the Maromizaha Forest with more specialized habitat restoration work focused on plant species belonging to the bamboo family, a key resource for the Lemur species living in those areas.
With the continuation of the VOLOHASY project, we aim to:

  • Expand the Bokombolo area, i.e., the area targeted for reforestation.
  • Train specialized personnel in nursery management and forest habitat restoration.
  • Involving Anevoka school children in reforestation activities.
  • Monitoring of Hapalemur griseus groups occupying the reforested area and Maromizaha forest.
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