A world of plants-literally!

The park’s trails meander through a rich composition of flora: plants from five continents lushly embrace the paths giving all guests (two- and four-legged) the feeling of a wild and teeming dimension. Exotic botanical species and varieties make animals feel at home and project visitors into remote environments; but there’s more!

As we stroll along cool, shady trails, we can learn more about the amazing plant kingdom and glimpse the secrets of incredible plants: living fossils, relict species, organisms adapted to extreme environments, showy flowers and unthinkable shapes!

Environment selection and care

The flora we encounter at the Park today is the result of years of careful selection: the botanical species and their arrangement have been thoughtfully chosen to accommodate the needs of the animals, the public, and the environment.

Many of the stimuli that an animal needs in a controlled environment come from the d├ęcor of its enclosure, the opportunity to interact with the natural elements in its space, and from enacting a range of behaviors for which plants are indispensable (climbing, picking a fruit, hiding, thermoregulation…).

The type of vegetation in aviaries and adjacent spaces is also studied to reconstruct the significant elements of the species’ own habitat.

Berries, buds, resins, leaves and fruits supplement the diet of many zoo animals, while odors can be an important environmental enrichment for them: several plants have been introduced in specific spots for the resources they can offer.

Others, however, act as visual barriers to allow privacy and security, or have been included because they are functional for the installation of games, snack stations, nesting platforms or other service facilities.

Vegetation also welcomes the visitor to a more comfortable environment: it protects in summer from sun and heat, or from wind and weather in the bad season.

Colors and scents, clean air, a feeling of well-being. And many special species to represent different habitats, biomes and geographical regions!

The Cure

The greenery within a zoo cannot and should not be managed like that of an urban park or home garden.

For animals to enjoy the benefits offered by plants, it is necessary to manage them “as they would manage them!”
Tall grass, uncultivated bushes, algae outcroppings or dry branches may appear to us humans to be unappealing but be for some animals a dream come true, a playground or even a vital necessity!

Here, where appropriate, we may notice infilling, leaf beds or any other signs of animal-friendly landscaping!

But don’t worry, you don’t need an explorer’s outfit to wander into the Park! You’ll find comfortable and clean paths, spaces with an Italianate style, and even themed flower beds!

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