Gallorose Park is not only committed to the conservation of exotic species, but for years has ensured the protection of domestic species native to Tuscany. Within its farm we have recreated the rural Tuscan environment, where relic breeds that began a long decline with industrialization are housed. To the relic breeds belong those domesticated specimens that are becoming extinct.

The reason is related to the choice, by breeders, to breed more productive and profitable breeds instead of native breeds. Another issue is related to crossbreeding; many breeders cross native breeds with high-productivity breeds; this leads to genetic impoverishment and loss of the purity traits of our breeds.

Over the years, the Italian state has initiated a program to save and maintain these breeds, with the help of breeders on the ground, in order to conserve populations and help safeguard the biodiversity of domestic breeds.

In the exploration of the trail:

  • You will be able to relive the important moments of rural life and admire these breeds in their splendor.
  • You will meet the Pisan Cow and Pontremolese Cow, Tuscan Sheep and Goats such as the white Garfagnana Sheep or the Lucca Fawn Goat
  • You can listen to the song of the Golden Leghorn Rooster or the Black Val D’Arno Rooster and many other breeds that are important for the biodiversity of Tuscan domestic animals.
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